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Working With Your Content Management System

September 7th 2019

Now you have this awesome blog designed and developed by Ortega Software Solutions. How do you publish blog articles without the help of an experienced developer? With tools from Netlify, we have integrated a content management system (CMS) to make it easy. This article aims to help you get familiar with your new CMS.

Login Instructions

Step 1. First, open up your favorite web browser and visit www.your_site_domain/admin. For example This will bring you to the content editor login page.

content editor login

Step 2. Click the Login with Netlify Identity button.

Step 3. Enter the email and password that you registered with. If you forgot your login credentials please contact us.

GitLab login

Step 4. After logging in you should see a content editor dashboard, similar to below.

content editor home

The Content Editor Dashboard

Content Dashboard

content dashboard

Collections - This sidebar allows you to search and select available collections (blog posts, page content, etc).

Posts - This section shows a list of your posts. You can create new posts or edit existing ones.

Content Editor

content editor

The content editor can be accessed by creating a new post or selecting an existing post.

Fields - Some of the most common fields may include title, publish date, author, etc.

Rich text editor - The rich text editor allows you to enter various text items such as quotes, plain text, headings, etc. You can also insert items such as code snippets, lists, images, videos, etc. Note: If you would like to add custom code snippets and do not have development experience, our developers would love to help you out.

Markdown mode - When markdown mode is selected, you can write your article using markdown syntax. If you are not familiar with markdown it is recommended that you keep rich text selected.

Preview window - The preview window shows what your article will look like when published. You can toggle this view off and on to give you more space to edit

Media Library

media library

The media library allows you to add, delete, and search for your media assets. Once media has been uploaded you can add that component to your blog post in the content editor.


We hope this article has helped you become more familiar with your CMS. If you need additional help or have any questions please contact Ortega Software Solutions.

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